PATAK Marble Projects
Marble a majestic gift from Mother the Nature
we highly appreciate it.

Patak color varieties from shell white, types of gray , golden gray and charcoal color all in vein cut and cross cut, Also, the physical and chemical properties of the marble have made it possible to use it in large volumes with different uses in projects.
Wet Rooms
Our product range

considering the perfect characteristics, fine texture, high density, multifarious colors, and high resistance, Patak Marble is one of the best choices for being used in a variety of applications such as kitchens, top counters, wet rooms and floors cladding and wide range of residences or public buildings such as hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, halls, and lobbies. Patak Marble complex in cooperation with conscious designers and architects tries  to research and develop the latest styles with using this marble and also tries to leading the fashion trend and fulfils the demands of the high-end customers.