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Marble a majestic gift from Mother the Nature
we highly appreciate it.
PATAK Marble Quarry

Location :
Patak marble quarry located in Asminon section, Manojan city, south of Kerman province - Iran, distance to Shahid Rajaei port (One of the largest ports in Persian Gulf)  is 160 km. distance to Manojan industrial town is 10 km.
Quarry area and storage:
Patak marble quarry area is 2.34 square kilometers. According to studies, more than 100 million tons of marble can be extracted. More than 20 km road construction inside the quarry.
Extraction capacity:
Monthly production capacity of at least 2,500 tons for each quarry zones. Five active quarry zones and one another zone under preparing for extraction. Five-year plan to activate 10 quarry zones.
Other information:
Block warehouse in Manojan industrial town with a capacity of 8,000 tons, 90 meters crane for loading blocks and mono wire machine for trimming blocks.
3 plots of land for construction of factories with a total area of approximately 70,000 square meters in Manojan Industrial Town. Warehouse in industrial zone of the Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries at a distance of less than 10 km from Shahid Rajaei port with an area of 86,000 square meters.